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Don't forget to check for NEWS ..and please email byrne[AT] if you would like to join Zoom worship on Sundays at 10.30

We very much regret that Covid-19 has closed our church building, but are most grateful to Dr. Alastair Scouller who leads us in our virtual gatherings each week; we appreciate the chance to congregate and the turnout is very healthy - thank you, Alastair.

Funeral of the late Lady Patricia Strathcona R.I.P. Owing to Corvid-19 restrictions, only four family members could attend, but the hearse followed a route that permitted us all to say farewell. A film can be seen at

You are very welcome to this website, which reflects Christianity as it exists in Colonsay today and which is not restricted to any one denomination. The site includes information and news about the living faith in Colonsay, but we hope that it will also grow to include plenty of information about the history and development of Christianity locally. In particular, we hope that this site will help to forge and maintain a bond between the island and its diaspora, the descendants of those very many people who left its shore to found a new and successful life elsewhere.

Colonsay is remarkably ecumenical and local congregations of the Baptist Church and the Church of Scotland habitually participate in joint worship, which is held each Sunday at 11.30 in the parish church at Scalasaig. Until autumn 2016 we alternated between the two church buildings, but the Baptist Church building is now reserved for special occasions, and is still available for weddings and funerals.

Please note that everyone is welcome, and please do not hesitate to bring your children - the congregation will normally include persons from a variety of traditions, including the Anglican, Episcopalian, Methodist and Roman Catholic faiths. The schedule is given below - everything else can be reached from the links above. Services are also flagged-up upon the notice-boards at the shop and Old Waiting-room. For any further details, please phone 01951 200320

N. B. If any week below is BLANK it means that there may be no service, but any change will be posted on the church door and at the Post Office/Shop notice board. We are always glad to hear from ministers who might be interested in joining our circulation list for vacant dates. Please contact 01951 200320 or email .

Very important note (if you happen to be making a donation by cheque): The Bank of Scotland will not credit any cheque to our account unless it is made out to this precise payee: Colonsay & Oronsay Church of Scotland

Covid-19 coronavirus: services have been cancelled as indicated below and subject to further decision at a later date; unfortunately the church itself has had to be CLOSED even for private prayer or contemplation. The ruined chapels at Kilchattan and An Gleann are both consecrated places that remain available for private visits, following the Covid-19 guidelines. Feel free to contact the church at any time - these are testing times and members of the congregation are ready to give support if needed - contact the Session Clerk (as above) in the first instance.


Date Venue Church of Scotland Notable Days
Jan 05 Scalasaig Dr Alastair Scouller Twelfth Night
Jan 12 Scalasaig ~ Baptism of the Lord
Jan 19 Scalasaig Dr Alastair Scouller World Religion Day
Jan 26 Scalasaig Dr Alastair Scouller  
Feb 02 Scalasaig ~ Presentation of the Lord
Feb 09 Scalasaig ~ Septuagesima Sunday
Feb 16 Scalasaig Dr Alastair Scouller Sexagesima Sunday
Feb 23 Scalasaig ~ Quinquagesima Sunday
Mar 01 Scalasaig Geoffrey Hinder Quadragesima Sunday
Mar 08 Scalasaig Crawford Langley 2nd Sunday in Lent
Mar 15 Scalasaig ~ 3rd Sunday in Lent
Mar 22 Scalasaig Cancelled Mothering Sunday
Mar 29 Scalasaig Cancelled BST commences
Apr 05 Scalasaig Cancelled Palm Sunday
EASTER Scalasaig Cancelled Easter Day
Apr 19 Scalasaig Cancelled Low Sunday
Apr 26 Scalasaig Cancelled Chernobyl Remembrance
May 03 Scalasaig Cancelled Press Freedom Day
May 10 Scalasaig Cancelled World Communications
May 17 Scalasaig Cancelled Rogation Sunday
May 24 Scalasaig Cancelled Ascension Sunday
May 31 Scalasaig Cancelled (wedding 29th) Whitsun
Jun 07 Scalasaig Cancelled Holy Trinity Sunday
Jun 14 Scalasaig Cancelled Corpus Christi
Jun 21 Scalasaig Rev. Philip Noble Father's Day
Jun 28 Scalasaig Jeanette Sheldrick  
Jul 05 Scalasaig Joyce Nicol  
Jul 12 Scalasaig Martin Waddell Battle of the Boyne
Jul 19 Scalasaig Rev. John Cook Anti Sexual Violence
Jul 26 Scalasaig Prof. Paul Nimmo  
Aug 02 Scalasaig Rev. Douglas Irving  
Aug 09 Scalasaig Rev. Douglas Irving Indigenous Peoples
Aug 16 Scalasaig Rev. Jim Begg  
Aug 23 Scalasaig
Jan Sutch Pickard
Anti Slave Trade
Aug 30 Scalasaig Katherine Rennie "The Disappeared"
Sep 06 Scalasaig Katherine Rennie  
Sep 13 Scalasaig Martin Waddell  
Sep 20 Scalasaig Martin Waddell  
Sep 27 Scalasaig Rev Philipp Ross World Tourism Day
Oct 04 Scalasaig Rev. Barry Hughes  
Oct 11 Scalasaig Rev. Linda Broadley Intl. Day of the Girl
Oct 18 Scalasaig Rev. Linda Broadley  
Oct 25 Scalasaig Geoffrey Hinder BST ends
Nov 01 Scalasaig   All Hallows
Nov 08 Scalasaig Rev. Brian Wilkinson Remembrance
Nov 15 Scalasaig Rev. Brian Wilkinson  
Nov 22 Scalasaig   Christ the King
Nov 29 Scalasaig   1st Sunday Advent
Dec 06 Scalasaig   St. Nicholas Day
Dec 13 Scalasaig Geoffrey Hinder 3rd Sunday Advent
Dec 20 Scalasaig Dr Alastair Scouller Human Solidarity Day
Dec 24 Scalasaig Dr Alastair Scouller Watch Night
Dec 27 Scalasaig Dr Alastair Scouller Holy Family

Provisional details for 2021 may be found here, very provisionally ...

The Church of Scotland parish of Colonsay and Oronsay (No. 211300) is a registered Scottish Charity No: SC031271


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