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Parish Church, Professional Report, August 2014

A professional inspection was made, which was quite detailed. The original report is available for inspection, just contact Kevin Byrne, Session Clerk / Fabric Convenor. It was not the most worrying report in the world and suggests that the parish may be starting from a good base when implementing the new proactive approach to maintenance. The following notes highlight the most relevant remarks:

External Walls: Repainting desirable and moss etc. to be removed from any cracks in the render, which should be made good.

Belfry: In a nutshell, take a good look at it to ensure stability.

External Doors: Vestry and Main Door - strip, repaint, make good at cill etc.

Windows: In a nutshell, both western ones need replaced and the northwest one is of "questionable" safety and stability.

Slatework and roofing: Main roof was refelted and reslated about 1985, needs any loose slates replaced. Vestry roof needs stripped, felted and reslated. Lead flashing on the vestry is suspect, in poor condition. Additional fixing clips to main roof ridges recommended at 500mm centres.

Rainwater Goods: Fix broken corner. Rub down and repaint cast iron (including inside of gutters!). Check if downpipes actually lead to drains or gullies.

Grounds and Paths: In a nutshell, fix the handrail at the steps.

Boundary Wall: Some "bulging at low level on north side" to be monitored. Get a stonemason to attend to any loose stonework.

External Store: No problems, suggests fit a door (again).

Entrance: No real problems.

Nave/Sanctuary: When fixing new windows renovate cills etc. Solum should be inspected as "potentially damaging" moisture levels at floor perimeters.

Vestry: Paint peeling, plaster cracking etc, attributed to damp. [Possibly made worse by multiple coats of distemper burning through surface finish]. Closely inspect the main lintel and replace in precast concrete if required.

Heating: No problems. Air source heat pump is a success.

Electrics: 5 yearly test was required in September [completed]. External lamp needs to be replaced.


The Manse, Professional Report, August 2014

Only the following serious points recorded:

Window Frames and Exterior Doors: "As with most of the external timber work, the paint finish to windows and cills is poor". Failed double glazing unit in southwest bedroom. External double doors to terrace from living room are totally jammed - need removed and replaced. "Paintwork to external roof timbers, window and door frames is in poor condition and should be addressed in the near future before underlying timbers deteriorate in the exposed location".

Interior: Redecoration required where living room ceiling had to be extensively repaired following a leak. "Significant plasterboard nail popping in various locations" to be addressed at next redecoration.

Sliding door in wardrobe southwest bedroom inoperable, needs repaired or replaced.

Insulation" Consider "additional layers of glasswool quilt" across roof trusses.


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