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The situation

Through generous support, all outstanding maintenance work on the church was brought up to date in 2016; but there is, of course, an ongoing need for maintenance, costing about £2,500 per year. Although the active congregation is quite small, the church does play an important part in the life of the community and it is available to all, not just for worship but for baptisms, weddings, funerals and also for cultural purposes - lectures, recitals and study groups are all welcome. It was built in 1802 at a time when Colonsay had a population not far short of one thousand people, and today there must be upwards of a million people worldwide who have some link with the building through the marriage, baptism or funeral of one or more of their forebears.

The work required

The Parish Church is a Listed Building (Grade B), and is the subject of professional inspection from time to time, and all specified work to date has now been completed. In 2016 the small but very attractive "birdcage" belfry was totally restored, thanks to the outstanding generosity of well-wishers across the world.

In 2017, and in keeping with our aim of "good stewardship", a contractor undertook various works that were really just a matter of good maintenance, although vitally important if we are to avoid expensive future repairs. In addition, through the generous efforts of David Hobhouse, Jack Hobhouse, Angus Howard and other volunteers, we improved vehicular access for disabled persons. In 2018 we installed special gates, so as to exclude livestock whilst providing good disabled access across level ground. We continue to improve the building for use by the wider community, including more comfortable seating and window-blinds for lectures and other presentations.

For this, we need your help. Ours is a very small congregation and the £2,500 needed for a proper maintenance program comes on top of our need (and desire) to contribute towards the maintenance of the Ministry and the proper objectives of the Church of Scotland. It is only with the help of well-wishers throughout the world that this tiny Hebridean church can survive; if the million and more people worldwide who have a family connection to this church were to contribute $1 per head, it would be embarrassing; but if even a tiny proportion were to send just $25.00 it would be wonderful.

How to contribute

Please note that any UK taxpayer can use Gift Aid to boost their contribution by 25% (assuming 20% tax rate) if they are happy to complete the simple but necessary declaration. This is of huge significance, here is a copy of the relevant Gift Aid form. Incidentally, donors can save on postage stamps, bank charges and administrative costs if families find it convenient to make a joint contribution, but the parish is of course deeply grateful to receive contributions in whatever way they come.


In Memoriam

This page will become a permanent feature of our site; please feel free to mention anyone whose name you would wish to see remembered. Obviously, no donation is required - the feature is merely to honour and remember those who went ahead.

Callum, Joan and Barbara McIntyre

Barbara McIntyre Moodie & Catherine McNeill Moodie

Dr. Andrew Hall-Gardiner

William Henry Boland, H.M.S. "Viknor"

Peter and Maryann MacAllister

The Church of Scotland parish of Colonsay and Oronsay (No. 211300) is a registered Scottish Charity No: SC031271


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