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From this page, links will lead you to some notes about the pre-reformation history of the parish, and also to important resources that will assist anybody pursuing genealogical research.

Pre-reformation History

It is believed that Christianity came to Colonsay at an early late, with the foundations having been laid by St. Odhran and St. Catan. At a slightly later date, St. Columba himself came to Colonsay (which was known then as "Hinba" or "inlet island") and used it as a spiritual retreat upon his main supply line connecting his base at Derry with his forward position at Iona. The Life of St Columba was written by a successor in Iona, St. Adomnan, and is available in an annotated translation by Richard Sharpe (Adomnan of Iona - Life of St. Columba, Penguin Classics). There is a very detailed tradition of St. Columba's arrival that survives in Colonsay and which chimes rather neatly with the "Life"; an outline is included in the article about Colonsay's early saints (below).

The early saints of Colonsay

The pre-reformation churches of Colonsay (article in preparation).

Post-reformation History

"Am Fear Mitchell" - Colonsay's late 17th c. priest (article in preparation).

Colonsay Parish Church - a brief description of the building and its history

Remembrance Day and the symbolism of the Poppy


Other Resources

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