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Notes on Argyll Presbytery Meeting 1st September 2020

Points which might be of interest and of relevance to the church in Colonsay and Oronsay.

In June, due to Covid 19 restrictions, the Presbytery met via a live stream for the installation of the new Moderator of Presbytery. This link allowed folk to observe but not participate in the proceedings. Since lockdown the Presbytery has been using Microsoft Teams and then Zoom for committee meetings. In September the whole Presbytery met via Zoom which allowed on line participation. Over 50 members were in attendance via Zoom and it was great to be able to see and hear everyone.

Weekly Presbytery Prayer. The Moderator of Presbytery invites everyone to pray together on Wednesdays at Noon. The prayer is posted on the Presbytery Website and it can also be viewed on the following link

Presbytery Civic Breakfast. This event will take place on line on 18th September from 7.00-8.30am and will be hosted from Dunoon and will be on the theme of Young People.

Presbytery Ministries Coordinator. Permission has been give to advertise this vacant post. Alison Hay, our Interim Moderator, is one of the Ministries Coordinators.

Vision Argyll. The Mission Committee has organised on line discussions on Worship, Mission and Discipleship. Over 50 people took part and they have produced an interim report. If you would like to read the full report please contact .

The outcomes so far are;-

•  we do not know what 'new normal' will look like, but we are more or less agreed that we do not want to go back to 'old normal'.This is not an option.

•  make use of Zoom for many of our meetings in the future. This saves time and expense, and includes many more colleagues often excluded because of weather problems.

•  we agreed that a hybrid approach, a blended approach of worship is the way forward.

•  find a way to compile and share innovative and good ideas. Focus more on the mission of the church, with a particular concern for the marginalised. Find more ways to meet together in person.

•  be creative in worship and not be bound by an hour on a Sunday morning.

Suicide Awareness Training . This proposed training will now take place via Zoom.

Safeguarding Training. This will now take place on line.

Jen Zielinski , one of our Readers, was planning to lead a group of pilgrims to Israel and Palestine in support of an initiative by Rev John McCulloch to establish a sacred space at the home of the Nasser family near Bethlehem. This has now been cancelled but all monies raised will be given to the project on his return to Jerusalem in the near future.

Property. There will be no property inspections this year, but churches which were due to have this done will be given a summary of outstanding work based on their last visit and be asked to report back on progress.

Finance. The Treasurer was pleased that so many congregations had been paying their Presbytery dues and as a result there was a healthy balance in the Presbytery accounts. This will be helpful as income is predicted to fall next year due to increased linkages and unions. Savings had been made due to the cancellation of the annual Presbytery Conference etc.

General Assembly.The annual General Assembly in May was cancelled and will now occur on line on 2nd and 3rd October 2020. There will be full representation from Argyll Presbytery.

[ Notes by Myra Waddell, Presbytery Elder COPC. ]



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