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Notes on Argyll Presbytery Meeting 2nd March 2021

Points which might be of interest and of relevance to the church in Colonsay and Oronsay.

Due to the ongoing Covid 19 restrictions the Presbytery met again via Zoom with 75 folk in attendance.

Rev Sandy MacPherson was welcomed, having been ordained recently as an Ordained Local Minister. He will serve in the Cowal Kirk

Next Moderator of Argyll Presbytery will be Rev Janet MacKellar, an Ordained Local Minister in the Shore Churches.

Consultation on enabling digital worship. Alastair Scouller will be facilitating this.

Audio Visual/Digital Communication Advisor will be appointed by eXp (Youth project in Cowal) for one year, but will also be able to support and train congregations and Presbytery in developing an online presence and the use of equipment and programmes. Argyll Presbytery will contribute £9000 towards the cost.

Reflections at the Quay, This Sunday worship on BBC One on Sunday mornings has restarted and is most welcome, especially for those who are not able to connect with worship digitally.

Faith in the Community Project. This will identify up to three congregations who would benefit from financial and people resources to better equip them for the future, Matched funding of £3000 -£5000 was approved.

Moment for Mission. Jen Zielinski and Maura Rae described the ACORN project which encourages participants to connect with and engage in conversations with people outside their church family.

New ministers in the Presbytery. West Lochfyneside and the Shore Kirk both have sole nominees.

Presbytery Reform. It is hoped that the number of Presbyteries will be reduced to nine. Argyll Presbytery is in discussion with the new Clyde Presbytery but views were expressed that Argyll Presbytery already covers a very large geographical area.

Fragility and Sustainability of Congregations. The Stewardship & Finance Committee will produce a report identifying congregations falling into these categories, with regard to their financial position. It was noted that congregations could be financially fragile, but spiritually rich; that Presbyterianism advocated that the rich support the poor; and that Rural Poverty was every bit as concerning as inner city poverty.
Property Convener: Lindsay Schluter is stepping down as convener and will be succeeded by Alan Walker. Lindsay was thanked for her four years of service in this role. Ronnie Neil will continue as property consultant.

eXp. The youth project in Cowal reported encouraging contacts with young people throughout lockdown with many online activities and examples of personal support. Their activities can be followed on their Facebook page and Instagram. Their website and YouTube channel have useful resources.

Easter. Any churches with innovative plans for Easter are encouraged to share them with the Presbytery so that they can be further shared on the Presbytery Facebook page.

General Assembly. This will be online again this year in May via Zoom.

Further info on any of the above available from

Myra Waddell, Representative Presbytery Elder COPC.



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