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Notes on Argyll Presbytery Meeting 1st June 2021

Points which might be of interest and of relevance to the church in Colonsay and Oronsay.

Due to the ongoing Covid 19 restrictions the Presbytery met again via Zoom.

Three New Argyll Ministers were warmly welcomed, Rev Kathy Dain of the Shore Kirk, Rev Liz Gibson of North Mull and Rev Dorothy Wallace of West Lochfyneside.

New Moderator of Argyll Presbytery, the Rev Janet MacKellar, an Ordained Local Minister, was installed as Moderator for the next year.

General Assembly was on line again this year and was attended by delegates from Argyll Presbytery and it was also possible for anyone to watch all the events and debates on line. All the reports and the convenors' speeches are available to read on the Church of Scotland website.

Crossreach, the social care arm of the Church of Scotland, was commended for the excellent work done and care given during Covid.

The Report and Supplementary Report of the Faith Nurture Forum discussion took place over 3 days and dealt with the challenging issues of the need to reduce expenditure and cope with the reduction in available ministers. There are currently 685 ministries and 335 vacancies and it was agreed that by 2025 there would be 600 ministries and 60 vacancies.

Presbytery Planning. New Mission focused Presbytery Plans are to be prepared and approved by December 2022. Each Presbytery has had a reduction in the ministries allocated with Argyll reducing from 30.6 Ministries to 18 Ministries (inclusive of Ministers and Ministry Development staff). The current position in Argyll Presbytery is that we currently have 20.7 ministries in post and this is to be reduced to 18 by 2025. Although we are well placed to meet this target it will be challenging as we have 10 charges currently vacant including ourselves which is in Guardianship. There could be benefits to congregations such as ours in the new plans with less administrative burdens. The designation of buildings was also changed by the General Assembly and the new Presbytery Plans will have two designations of buildings either to be retained beyond five years or to be sold, let or otherwise disposed of. The criteria for building assessments will draw on the “Well equipped spaces in the right places“ guidance and a soon to be published planning toolkit.

Presbytery Reform. Discussions between Argyll Presbytery and Clyde Presbytery have come to nothing and Argyll Presbytery is considering other options to join with another Presbytery.

Finance. In order to assist congregations in their Covid recovery the Ministry and Mission contributions required from congregations have been reduced by 18% for 21-22.

Property Convener. Rev Lindsay Schluter has stepped down as convener and has been succeeded by Alan Walker.

Moment for Mission. Three congregations applied for and will receive financial help from the Faith in Community Project. This will help to fund an inter-generational after school club in the Shore Kirk, a hub in Tiree Church for community led initiatives and the utilisation of a church building in the Ross of Mull for more varied worship, hospitality and local community uses with music events and guest speakers.

Aileen Binner , who is a Reader, has been appointed as an additional Ministries Co-ordinator and will be Interim Moderator in some vacant congregations and will also have responsibility for co-ordinating Local Worship Leaders. Alison Hay who is also a Ministries Co-ordinator will remain as our Interim Moderator.


Further info on any of the above available from

Myra Waddell, Representative Presbytery Elder COPC.




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