Your privacy and the General Data Protection Regulation


Our congregation is very small and we think that our activities meet or exceed the provisions of the GDPR regulations. To avoid doubt:

•  We do not manipulate or process data in any way, and we do not share it with anyone.

•  We do not hold ANY confidential information about anyone.

•  We build and maintain our own website and we certainly do not have any way of tracking visitors or obtaining any sort of personal information.

•  If you think that this list fails to meet any particular GDPR provision, we will be very happy to be notified so that we can correct the omission.


Our activities are totally transparent. If you would like any additional clarification, please get in touch.

Thank you - Kevin Byrne, webmaster

To contact Colonsay Churches:

Email: byrne[at], replacing [at] with @

Or telephone: +44 (0)1951 200320

Correspondence: Homefield, Isle of Colonsay, Argyll PA61 7YR U.K.