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The Church of Scotland in Colonsay - after the work of 2015



The picture above shows the two Georgian windows on the western elevation, which had been condemned and which were in serious danger of implosion. By the generous support of individuals, families and fellow congregations a magnificent sum of more than £10,000 was raised in the early part of 2015, permitting new windows to be made in hardwood. During the course of the summer, both windows were fitted, glazed and painted and, during the same project, all exterior woodwork and ironwork was stripped, repaired and painted, as was the exterior of the fabric. A new door was fitted to the southern porch, and a new hardwood window was made and fitted to the southern gable. Much additional work was also completed and by late September 2015 one can say that this wonderful place of worship is restored to good condition. It is now the firm resolution of parishioners that future maintenance work will be conducted on a proactive basis, and already a full inspection has been completed and appropriate further works have been agreed with a contractor for implementation in the springtime of 2016. Work will include the installation of bespoke replacement cast-iron rhones and chutes for the vestry, work to the vestry lintel and jambs, inspection of the subfloor area and creation of an improved disabled-access ramp. Volunteers have been found to renew drainage pipes where needed, to remove turf and improve drainage at the footings of the building, to create hard-standing for disabled-access and to restore a section of drystane dyke.

This basic program does mean that the parish needs to raise about £2,500 p.a., and donations are welcome either through our JustGiving page, or direct; all details are on our Fabric Fund page. In either case, UK taxpayers may elect to enhance their gift by GiftAid, a 25% bonus from the UK Treasury. Joint services are held with the Baptist congregation throughout the year and a very warm welcome is extended to all visitors by both congregations. Details of services can be found on our home page and we hope that you will come and join us.



The east side, showing the vestry and the belfry (which must be taken down and restored)


The main entrance, and the baptismal font used for many generations


Looking towards the north porch; chair made of mahongany driftwood found at Port Lobh by A E Robertson 1948


War Memorial and the Ladles (offertory boxes) ... with Session Clerk's shoes!


Bronze Age well-marker, christianised by St. Catan and modified to suit



Colonsay Parish Church is a registered charity SC031271

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